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A team is any group of co-workers, students, religious/civic organization members, friends or family members who register, raise money, and walk together on the day of Walk MS. They can have anywhere from 4 to 400 members.

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Staff support

Team members

For more information about becoming a Team Captain, contact us at:

Do Team Captains Receive Extra Support?

YES! Team Captains receive special support through a personal Team Coach to ensure your team's success. Teams also receive special awards and incentives to keep you motivated. Connect with us today at

Interested in Starting a Corporate Team?

The Teams program is an effective and efficient method for organizations to promote teamwork and camaraderie among employees. Unite together alongside thousands of other companies, achieve your fundraising goal and bond together as you take steps forward in the MS movement. Gain exposure for your business and make a positive impact within your local community. Contact us today!



Walk MS teams


Walk MS teams


Walk MS teams


Walk MS teams


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