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Ricky E. Williams - Champion Against MS


Ricky E. WilliamsIt all began in February of 1991, during the Gulf War. I started stumbling over my left leg and having a very hard time with fatigue. As time went by, the problems continued to worsen. In December of 1995 my MS related problems had become severe. After undergoing an MRI, the doctor informed me I had MS.

The National MS Society has helped me from the beginning. I found most of the information I used to get myself going in the right direction from their resources. I also became involved in the MS Bike Tour, and now that event is something I must do. It allows me to feel that I am really doing my part in the fight against MS.

I have learned how to handle the physical hurdles MS throws at me and I know that if I'm able to help others to do the same, that will help me to get through the mental/emotional difficulties I face on a regular basis. I want to be an example of what people with MS can accomplish and a clear reason why anyone with MS should have hope for the future.


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