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Cheryl Richardson - Champion Against MS


Cheryl RichardsonIt was September 27, 1990 when I received the results from the tests. The MRI showed plaques that were interpreted to be multiple sclerosis. From that moment on, my life was changed forever. MS demanded a comfortable place in my life, so I made room for it. I paid conscious and deliberate attention to almost everything I did so that this MS would cooperate with me.

Working with MS is a constant balancing act. I chose to read all I could and learn about this disease that had invited itself into my life. I became involved in volunteering at the National MS Society to see how I could help and what I could contribute when I was recovering from an exacerbation. For me, seeking to help others is a part of helping myself also.

Hopefully in our lifetime, we will see further advances in finding a cure for this mysterious, life altering disease. Until then, may we all enjoy our lives and deal with the challenges we face on this journey.


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